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Your privacy is important to Canadian mail-sent pharmacy (” CMSP”), and Canada pharmacy is committed to maintaining the privacy of personally identifiable information. Canada pharmacy has developed this privacy policy to inform you of its policy about collecting and using such information on its Web site.

Privacy of our customers is one of the priorities of our company. All the members of our team strictly follow the terms specified below, as well as the corresponding legislative rules.

We use the private information received from our clients to provide them with better service in the first place

The main point is that we cannot process our users’ requests and orders without learning certain private details about them, like their names, contact phone numbers, email addresses, shipping addresses, etc. Also, when a client turns to our consultants for advice about some health issues, he needs to share certain facts about his health. Collecting certain personal information about our clients is a necessity, we cannot provide service without that.

We never sell or share our customers’ private data with any other businesses or use it for any marketing purposes

As it has already been mentioned, we gather and store private information about our users for providing pharm services to them. We appreciate our clients’ trust and will never try to make money out of it. We will never share the information received from you with any other companies or make it public in any way.

You have the right to refuse to share your personal information

It is up to you to decide whether to provide the data required. But, if you refuse, there is a risk that we will not be able to deliver the services you need.

You have the right to ask what for we need certain personal data about you

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to turn to our consultants for assistance. They will do their best to give exhaustive explanations.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the information you share with us is flawless and up-to-date

Please, when providing any contact details, make sure they are accurate. Proofread them before sending. And, in case there are any changes, inform us without a delay. If your package is lost on its way to your home due to a mistake in the shipping address specified by you, we will not take any liability for that. Also, in some cases, you may need to discuss certain health problems with our consultants, for example, to receive recommendations about the use of drugs. In such situations, be sure to provide exhaustive answers to all the questions asked and to inform our specialist about all the medicines you are currently using and all the health problems you are currently suffering from. All the details you share will be kept confidential, there is no need to worry about any privacy risks.

Our team will do everything in their power to ensure the safety of your personal information

To protect the personal information of our users, we have implemented a reliable multi-layer safety system. Besides, our IT team has been constantly monitoring the market of security products to find new advantageous technologies. We give attention to all the safety aspects: from secure data storage to risk-free money transactions. But we cannot guarantee that we will prevent all the hacking attacks. So, in the event of unauthorized access to your data, its loss, disclosure, damage, or change, our company will bear no responsibility.

You are also expected to make your contribution to the safety of your account

To place orders on our website, you will need to get a personal account and to create a login and a password for it. Your responsibility is to store them in a safe place and to prevent unauthorized access to this information. If you suspect that someone has got access to your login and password, you must inform our support team without a delay. Also, if you access our website from a shared device, be sure to log off at the end.

In addition to personal information, we gather certain generalized data

Like the overwhelming majority of other websites, we use cookies and other similar technologies to collect impersonal information about how clients use our website and which products they pay interest to. We need this information to learn which improvements to introduce, i.e. to make our platform better. Besides, we may apply cookies to learn about the interests of our customers and to provide them with personalized service. Sure, there are no privacy or safety risks associated with the use of the technologies mentioned. Also, it is important to mention that you can disable them by changing the settings of your browser.