Canadian pharmacy is an online pharmaceutical care provider trusted by hundreds of thousands of people from all around the globe. We work hard to meet all our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations by delivering first-rate and affordable pharmaceutical services in the most timely and convenient way.

We want our clients to be confident that they can come to us with their health issues and get knowledgeable and reliable pharmacological assistance 24/7. Our Customer Care Policy outlines the very best practices we employ in our work to ensure that our customers always feel respected, cherished, and duly protected when buying their medications from Canadian Pharmacy.

Price match guarantee

The prices for our prescription meds are among the lowest in the business; however, if any of our certified mail-order competitors can offer you an even lower price for the desired medicine, let us know, and we will be happy to match it.

Note that this particular business practice is subject to a few conditions, so make sure the following criteria are met when you request a price reduction:

  • the lowest price guarantee offer is exclusively effective at the moment of purchase;
  • we can only match the actual advertised price for the goods of interest;
  • the cheaper product offered by our competitors must be available in stock at the time of the order and identical to the one we have in all its characteristics (brand, pack shape, size, dose strength, manufacturer company, manufacturing country, etc.);
  • the competitor’s product whose price you want us to match cannot be used, expiring or expired, second-hand, or counterfeited;
  • the competitor’s product price does not include any price cuts enabled through the use of coupons, special discounts, bulk pricing offers, etc.;
  • each particular price match claim is discussed with the customer individually over the phone. Please contact our customer service specialist to see if we can issue a price match for the desired goods.

A wide choice of pharmaceutical products

Our selection of prescription and over-the-counter medicinal drugs, dietary and herbal supplements, vitamins, and beauty products for men and women spans dozens of categories and involves hundreds of high-quality goods – all safe and properly licensed.

Top-notch customer care service

We care about your comfort and want you to be able to get prompt and expert help with choosing the right pharmaceutical products at the most favorable price. Our friendly and well-trained customer service operators will be happy to hear from you 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions you might have!

Adherence to the best safety and quality standards

Our customers’ good health is our top priority; we, therefore, make every effort possible to ensure that any products we offer for sale meet the best quality and safety standards approved in the pharmaceutical business.

You will never see medications of dubious or subpar quality here; neither will you find any counterfeited or illegal goods that can endanger our customers’ life. Every single prescription order that we fill at м is double-checked and authorized by a qualified pharmacist.