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Thank you for your interest in applying to the Medical Staff of St. Vincent Medical Center. Our goal is to provide physicians with an ideal environment to practice medicine that is efficient, effective, safe and healing.

Applications for medical staff members and privileges at St. Vincent Medical Center along with supplementary forms and documents, are available online at the links below.

The Application Process

The first step is to submit the initial application with all the required supporting documentation and licensure and the non-refundable application fee. Please download and complete the following documents and return them to the St. Vincent Medical Center Medical Staff Office at 2131 W. Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90057:

1. Medical Staff Application Checklist (pdf)
2. California Participating Physician’s Application (pdf)
3. Supplemental Medical Staff Application Documents (pdf)
4. Delineation of Privileges (please select the appropriate delineation of privileges for your specialty)

a. Medicine Department Delineation of Privileges

i. Nephrology
ii. Radiation Oncology
iii. Dermatology
iv. Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine, Invasive Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Pulmonology must take Procedural Sedation Exam.
v. Family Practice Procedural Sedation Policy
vi. Psychiatry Sedation Self Study
vii. Internal Medicine Procedural Sedation Examination
viii. Endocrinology
ix. Pulmonology
x. Infectious Diseases
xi. Hematology/Oncology
xii. Rheumatology
xiii. Allergy Immunology
ivx. Physical Medicine and Rehab
vx. Cardiothoracic Surgery
vxi. Cardiology

b. Surgery Department Delineation of Privileges

i. Anesthesiology
ii. Otolaryngology / Otology
iii. Orthopaedics / Nuerosurgery
iv. Ophthalmology
v. Gynecology / GYN Oncology
vi. Dentistry / Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
viii. Urology
ix. Podiatry
x. Plastic Surgery

Also available for your review and reference are the following documents:

1. Medical Staff Bylaws
2. Medical Staff Rules and Regulations
3. Medical Staff Departmental Rules and Regulations
4. Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (4th Edition)(pdf)

Depending on the promptness of your references, the processing of your application can take 1-3 months to complete. All training and experience must be verified from the primary source from medical school to the present time. Providing FAX numbers for your references and training institutions helps to expedite this process. We may request your assistance if we are unable to obtain verification. Once the application is complete, you will receive an invitation from the Credentials Committee to sit for your interview. All new applicants must be interviewed prior to obtaining privileges. You may qualify for temporary privileges once you have successfully completed the Credentials Interview. If you have any questions please contact the Medical Staff Office, Roseanne Dobbs at 213.485.5525.