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Digestive problems can be alleviated, and perhaps even prevented, by changing habits and altering lifestyles. Unfortunately, some problems may be genetic, or can only be treated with medical care, but the GI Lab at Canadian pharmacy urges you to follow some simple guidelines for maintaining good digestive health.

Exercise. It may seem that exercise has become somewhat of a cure-all. The fact of the matter is exercise will help almost any illness. It increases your metabolism, builds cardiovascular and muscular strength, and serves to make your body and mind feel better.

Diet. Following a healthy diet is easy. Foods such as vegetables and fruit may not be right for someone with digestive problems because fruit can be acidic. However, watching your fat intake, as well as eating smaller meals, may help. You should also take care to follow a regular schedule. For instance, eating after 8 pm in the evening can cause problems because your body doesn’t have time to digest the food.

Smoking and alcohol. In a word, don’t. We also recommend regular screenings like a colon screening, after the age of 50. This will help to diagnose problems that haven’t presented yet, as well as to chart a course for healthier living as you grow older.