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Karate – Martial arts are booming because they offer something for all ages. They help preschoolers develop social skills and improve their attention spans; they give grade-schoolers and teenagers a confidence boost, respect and discipline while teaching self-control; and they leave young adults and parents with greater stamina, improved endurance, and a trimmer, toned body.

Sports Activities – Soccer for boys and girls ages 7-10 and 11-14. Also an only girls soccer team ages 14 and up. Casa’s teams participate in two different tournaments every year at two different places, one being the Salvation Army Red Shield Youth and Community Center the other HOLA (Heart of Los Angeles Youth Center) in collaboration with La Fayette Park. Recently our girls Soccer team once again dominated their division by winning the championship. In addition, our Pee Wee team ages 7-10 won a championship at HOLA. Soccer is not the only sport Casa kids can be part of. Once the Soccer tournaments are over our participants have access to St. Vincent’s basketball court twice a week where our children can exercise or play ball for fun.

Music Program – Classes of guitar, bass, piano, vocal and drums are offered. The department is divided on three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. These classes are open to the community for children older than seven years old as a service of the San Vincent’s hospital. The classes are offered in one on one basis for focused attention to the student. Music bands are formed in order to perform in special events. Classes are available in English or Spanish.

Tutoring Program – At Casa participants work one-on-one with their tutors and staff to build skills in reading and math, complete their homework, and strengthen their sense of self-esteem and self-respect.

Computer Lab – Here, participants learn the basics on Personal Computer (PC) usage and maintenance. They also discover the vast applications on the Microsoft Suite of programs. They learn to surf the web, open an e-mail account and keep in touch with family members and friends.

Art Program – Participants are encouraged to express their individual creativity through the common visual language of art.It is an imaginative exploration and mediation of creative ideas through art production.