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Patients will need a copy of their insurance identification card and a photo ID upon checking into the hospital. The Patient Access Department will contact the insurance company to verify insurance member eligibility and benefit coverage. Patient Access will also verify if insurance companies require authorization and/or pre-certification for both inpatient or outpatient hospitalization. No patient will ever be turned away because of an inability to pay.

Medicare and Medi-Cal

If you are covered by Medicare or Medi-Cal you will need to present a copy of your insurance identification card and photo ID. The Patient Access Department will verify member eligibility prior to the patient being hospitalized or receiving outpatient services. Medicare deductibles and co-payments are the responsibility of each patient, and are due at the time of service.


For patients without insurance coverage, a Financial Counselor is available to assist in making the necessary financial arrangements related to the patient’s hospital stay. During this process, eligibility for financial assistance may be determined.

Room Rates

Daily charges for rooms include the cost of personnel, equipment, meals, and supplies essential to patient care. Rates for special care units are higher than standard room charges.

Supplemental Charges

Beyond standard room charges, patient bills may include fees for:
• laboratory tests
• medications
• X-rays
• respiratory services
• physical and occupational therapy
• other special services, supplies and equipment

Operating room charges are billed according to time plus supplies, equipment and medications used.

Physician Charges

Attending physicians may ask other doctors to consult on patient care. These other doctors include anesthesiologists, pathologists, radiologists, surgeons, cardiologists and other specialists. Federal laws and regulations prohibit St. Vincent Medical Center from including any physician fees in hospital charges. The patient will receive one bill from the hospital and separate bill(s) from the physician(s) who provided services while the patient was in the hospital. If the patient has any questions or needs assistance regarding these physician billings, a telephone number is listed on the bill.