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What Is True About Mail-Ordering Drugs Online?

How much time do you waste on making trips to brick-and-mortar drugstores and waiting in lines there? Do you want to save that time and to spend it with your dear and near? If yes, switch to buying drugs on the Internet. Although there is a number of widespread myths that prevent consumers from using such services, in practice, online drugstores will make your life much easier.

In fact, today millions of Americans and people from other countries use the services of online Canadian pharmacies. Why Canadian? Because it is well-known that drug prices in this country are several times lower than in the USA, while the quality of medicines sold at the local facilities is the same. Consumers in the USA are currently suffering from unbearable drug prices, which is the result of an ineffective policy. Regardless of the fact that many Americans are provided with insurance, there are patients that are forced to cut drug doses or skip courses, due to the lack of money. For them, buying medications from Canada is a good chance to preserve the health and life.

Let us discuss this option in detail.

Widespread Prejudices Against Drugstores Operating on the Internet in Canada

Myth 1: cheap prices at online Canadian pharmacies are associated with the poor quality of products.

Reality: The fact is that in Canada drug prices are capped by authorities. When a manufacturer wants to introduce a new product to consumers, he has to agree on the price with a specialized board. To find out whether the price is reasonable enough, they compare it with that in the countries, which have similar economy. At the same time in the USA drug prices are not regulated, it is up to pharmaceutical companies to set them.

Sure, like in any other country, in Canada, there are both fair and unfair businesses. So, you should take a number of precautions (we will tell you about them below). But, in general, online Canadian pharmacies offer medications that fully meet the current international quality standards.

Myth 2: US citizens are not allowed to purchase medicines from abroad.

Reality: as of now, the importation of medication is illegal in the USA. But, according to the current policy of the FDA, those consumers, who buy drugs from Canada or other countries for personal use and do not resell them, are not prosecuted.

Besides, there is a chance that in the near future such shopping will be legalized. There is a large number of politicians, including Donald Trump, who consider such a step to be a reasonable solution to the problem of unbearable prices at American pharmacies. Due to the lack of the governmental regulation, drug prices in the USA are the highest in the world, and authorities strive to change the situation for the better.

Myth 3: pharmacies working online are not regulated.

Reality: the operation of such companies is monitored and controlled by healthcare authorities.

Myth 4: when you use the services of an Internet drugstore, you are served by a person without any medical education.

Reality: the majority of such businesses can boast a large team of highly experienced certified pharmacists. alone hosts 8 pharmacists and 2 pharmacy technicians, and with globally reaching networks like Drugmartdirect, customers are attended to by no fewer than one hundred professionals on the payroll.

Myth 5: after you provide the personal information to an online pharmacy, it gets available to other companies, which can use it to advertise all sort of goods and services to you.

Reality: most websites take every effort to secure the privacy of their users.

The Advantages of Canadian Pharmacies

  • Money economy. As it has been mentioned above, in Canada drugs are much cheaper than in the USA. Besides, companies operating on the Internet have the opportunity to offer additional discounts, since they do not have to invest money in buying and maintaining premises for affiliate pharmacies and other expenditure items associated with offline business.
  • Using the services of an online pharmacy, you can deal with all the issues, related to buying medications, in the comfort of your home. You can even order courier services and receive an order at any place that is convenient for you.
  • Purchasing medications on the Internet is a good way to avoid those embarrassing moments, when you have to discuss intimate details about your health in front of other people shopping at the same facility. Many online Canadian drugstores offer free anonymous consultations with pharmacists, so that customers feel comfortable enough to openly ask all the questions they are interested in. The employees of such companies will also make sure the information about the medicines you take is carefully secured, they will not indicate the names of the products on the package or in the accompanying papers.
  • A bigger assortment. Most Canadian pharmacies working on the Internet offer a huge selection of items: from branded and generic medications to medical tools and healthcare products. So, you can buy everything you need for taking care of your health and beauty on one website.
  • Professional support 24/7. Drug treatment is frequently associated with multiple risks, so, having access to medical assistance is a must. When you become the customer of an online pharmacy in Canada, you have the opportunity to get in touch with its support team at any time of day or night in order to ask any questions about its goods and services, to discuss your health problems or to receive assistance in dealing with side effects or delivery delays.
  • Difficulties Associated with the Use of Internet Drugstores from Canada
  • You will have to spend some time and effort to choose the website that is trustworthy enough. On the Internet there are hundreds of platforms offering medications, but many of them work in a dishonest way. For example, there are websites, which attract customers with the help of unrealistically cheap prices and close after receiving payments without sending any medicines at all. So, before you start using any pharmacy, be sure to check it.

Here are some tips:

  • read the customers’ feedback posted on the website itself and third-party platforms;
  • opt for the businesses that have been operating in the market for several months as a minimum, otherwise there is a little chance that you will have the opportunity to check the reputation;
  • make sure that there is the contact information available, so that you can use it to get in touch with the support team in case something goes wrong;
  • have a look at the prices at several websites and avoid using those, which are suspiciously generous (safe and effective medications cannot be too cheap);
  • scrutinize the privacy policy to find out whether the company chosen shares the personal information of its customers with third parties.
  • Since the delivery of your package may take more than several days, it is strictly advisable to order medicines well in advance. That means you will have to monitor your supplies on a constant basis. However, most companies offer their customers convenient reminding services if necessary. In addition, in many cases you will have the opportunity to order express shipping, which takes much less time.
  • Your package may get lost while being transported. That doesn’t depend on the drugstore itself, but it may offer special insurance for you to get compensation in case of any problems.

As you can see, online Canadian pharmacies are the companies that provide their customers with an opportunity to buy medicines in the most advantageous way. In case you have never used such services, it is high time to try.