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Main Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction

Since male sexual arousal is a complex process, any problems with it can be associated with a whole bunch of reasons. In some cases, one has to deal with several problems (both physical and psychological) in order to fix his sexual life.

Physical Conditions that Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is often caused by health problems that influence the functioning of blood vascular, hormone and nervous systems. The list of diseases and conditions that can cause problems with male sexual arousal is long enough.

It includes:

  • diabetes;
  • high blood pressure;
  • high cholesterol;
  • prostate cancer;
  • enlarged prostate;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • injuries and surgeries in the pelvic area or those affecting the spinal cord;
  • testosterone deficiency;
  • and others.

Besides, problems with erection can be the result of anatomical penis disorders. The good news is that there are multiple ways to solve any of the health problems mentioned.

Besides, it is within one’s power to avert most of them. Erectile dysfunction is closely associated with such risk factors as excessive drinking, smoking, drug consumption, obesity. Leading an unhealthy lifestyle often results in diseases mentioned and as a consequence in erectile dysfunction. So, in many cases, one can prevent any problems with erection by eating healthy food, exercising, reducing alcohol drinking and giving up other harmful habits.

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

In about 10% of cases problems with erection are associated with psychological factors.

  1. First of all, ED can be caused by such conditions as stress or depression.
  2. Secondly, it can be associated with one’s fear of intimacy (especially if one has been suffering from ED from the very adolescence).
  3. Besides, one can have problems with erection due to the fact that he is not confident in his sex appeal, for example, because of being overweight or having some corporal defects.
  4. And, in some cases, erectile dysfunction can be caused by relationship problems. Even a minor conflict can lead to problems with sexual life.

Erectile Dysfunction and Medications

Some medicines may have a bad influence on sex life. They include:

  • antihistamines;
  • antidepressants;
  • painkillers;
  • drugs that treat high blood pressure;
  • medications for prostate.

If one suspects that erection problems are associated with the medicines he takes, he should consult his doctor.

As you can see, erectile dysfunction is a complex condition, so, in most cases, one needs to turn to several specialists in order to effectively treat it.