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A market of erectile dysfunction treatments has seen many inventions. Among the recent discoveries is avanafil, an active component that is as efficient as Viagra’s component sildenafil citrate and as rapid in its action as vardanafil used to fill in Levitra. Let’s see what is special about avanafil.

What is avanafil?

The pharmaceutical company Vivus, originated in California, has thrown avanafil onto the market of erectile dysfunction treatments in 2010. The mandatory tests for measuring safety and efficacy of a treatment returned positive results at the earliest stages. This is the quickest result across the medications that presumably work the same way. Known as PDE5 inhibitors, they block the blockers, so to speak. Namely, they prevent enzymes responsible for stopping the blood flow into the genital area- PDE5 inhibitors. Once there are no blockers, the blood fills in the smooth muscles in the penis, and an erection occurs.

How efficient is avanafil?

The representatives of the company claimed that two thirds of patients who were testing the drug were perfectly able to achieve an erection within as early as 15 minutes upon the intake.

The users in the test group were given the highest dosage of 200 milligram, and the surveys returned the refreshing news of more than eighty percent of patients successfully completing their sexual intercourse after taking avanafil.

What is the place of avanafil on the pharmaceutical market?

Avanafil was designed to battle erectile dysfunction in men. The market for ED treatments is saturated with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, and natural treatments readily available either prescribed or over-the-counter across the globe. The PDE5 inhibitors as a remedy are being widely prescribed as one and only treatment for erectile dysfunctions, beating both physical means such as penal injections et al, and natural-herbs-based aphrodisiacs coming from the exotic countries.

While Viagra was a pioneer on the market as it was discovered by chance and showed the positive results in helping men to achieve and to sustain an erection, the formula was so efficient that almost every big player on the pharmaceutical market got into the race of creating their own bone-fide remedy for a problem common in men over 40 years of age.

Every remedy there is a bit different. Viagra is still as good as it gets; however, Cialis and its active component tadalafil beat Viagra in terms of the timeframe its effects are observed. It is known as “the weekend pill” as the effects last as long as 36 hours. Sildenafil citrate, used in Viagra is also known to mess with user’s vision. Sildenafil can affect not only PDE5 inhibitors, but also similar inhibitors working to sustain proper vision in humans.

What are the advantages of taking avanafil as an ED treatment?

Avanafil was designed to be selective only to PDE5 inhibitors; it doesn’t affect any other inhibitors with similar action. That is definitely an advantage, as an adverse effect of blurriness of vision, temporary loss of vision and the loss of hearing were frequent with Viagra users.

Another thing that distinguishes avanafil from sildenafil citrate is a relatively minor interaction with food. Viagra may not work at all if taken together with food that contains fats; that is, with almost any meal. The fats interfere with the action of sildenafil citrate and make the action time delayed. Avanafil showed the same results across the patients who was taking it together with fatty food as well with patients who took it in-between meals. Only Cialis is known for this quality.

The third and the most underlined advantage of avanafil, is its immediate action capacity. It arrives as fast as Superman does. No need to check your watch and measure 30 or 45 minutes before you wait for your sexual activity to happen. Any man knows that sex is an unpredictable affair, and can happen any time.

The action time of avanafil is 15 minutes, and is stable at that. This is as quick as it gets across the remedies of the kind, and avanafil will surely remain the quickest drug of its kind for a while.

How to get an avanafil?

Avanafil is branded as Stendra and is available at 50mg, 100mg, 200 mg dosages. The prescription is required in the United States. There are generic alternatives of Stendra with avanafil, such as Avana. Like any generic of the kind, it is the same active component working, but marketed as another brand; and, consequently it is way cheaper and accessible.

Stendra, Viagra or Cialis: which is best?

Let’s compare popular erectile dysfunction treatments available on today’s pharmaceutical market.

What active component do they use?

  • Viagra utilizes the active component called sildenafil citrate;
  • Cialis has tadalafil as its active component;
  • Stendra carries avanafil as an active component.

All three active components belong to the same group of medications, known in pharmacology as PDE5 inhibitors.

The difference in the onset time

  • Viagra takes around 30 minutes to kick in;
  • Cialis takes somewhere between 15 to 25 minutes to start working;
  • Stendra is the quickest medication of all, taking approximately 15 minutes to kick in, sometimes even faster.

The difference in the length of their effects

  • The effects of Viagra last for around 6 to 8 hours;
  • The effects of Cialis can be observed for up to 36 hours; Cialis being the recordsman pill of all available;
  • The effects of Stendra last for around 6 hours. Generally, Stendra is the quickest in action but shortest as far as the time of its effects are concerned.

The difference in taking the pills with meal

It is recommended for all three medications to be avoided together with any meals.

  • Viagra may be affected by a fatty meal taken within 3 to 60 minutes prior to taking a pill;
  • Cialis, on the other hand, shows no significant food interaction. Cialis is the unique medication in its class, as it can be taken literally any time: during the meal, before the meal, and after the meal;
  • Stendra showed very little interaction with food. Usually food taken does not affect the action of avanafil, the Stendra’s active component.

Avana, generic Stendra: the benefits

What is Avana and how it can be used as a medication?

Avana is a generic medication designed to target erectile dysfunction and also some cases of sexual impotence in adults. Avana promotes a natural erection in men, and also makes it possible to sustain an erection, once it has been achieved. In order for Avana to start showing the results, a man taking a medication has to have sexual desire as a necessary prerequisite .Without desire an active component of Avana, avanafil, would not work.

How to take Avana?

Avana is sold in pills and is available in a variety of dosages. It is recommended to start with lower dosages of 50mg, and see how it goes. The timing of taking the pill depends on when you are going to have sexual activity.

It is usually recommended to take Avana around 15 minutes before the sexual activity. While it is ok to take Avana with food, be advised, that fats that are contained in food may interfere with the action of the active component avanafil. For this reason, to have a faster onset of the active ingredient, it is recommended to take Avana on an empty stomach to ensure better results.

Once you know how the pill works on you, usually after 2 or 3 takings, the optimum dosage for you might be adjusted according to the way it works on you. Lower dosages may be necessary to stick to if you have complications with the liver or with the cardiovascular system.

How and why does Avana work?

The active ingredient in the pill of Avana, avanafil, belongs to a set of components referred to as phosphodiesterase-type-5 (in short, PDE5) inhibitors. These inhibitors may be the sole reason a man cannot achieve an erection. They prevent the proper production of molecules known as cGMP, which are produced in abundance once the gas called nitric oxide is manufactured in the endothelium. CGmps ensure and command the blood to fill in the corpus cavernosa, or sponge-like muscles that make up the penis. The problem is that PDE5s are produced with the same rate as molecules that are good for an erection. Avana blocks these “blocking” agents, and allows for the whole process to fill in the penis with the fresh blood in a smooth way. However, the whole production mechanism would be unavailable if there is no sexual stimulation and desire present.

Have there been any studies on Avana and avanafil?

Yes, the studies were conducted. Like with any new drug coming onto the pharmaceutical market, avanafil had been subject of numerous researches. What do they show?

Three major groups of men with erectile dysfunction that were tested on Avana versus placebo involved men with erectile dysfunction with no additional accompanying symptoms; men with erectile dysfunction plus diabetes; and the men with erectile dysfunction that started to show after men went through a surgery on the prostate gland.

Avanafil was given 25 minutes prior to the preplanned sexual activity, and then a placebo was given at the same timeframe.

Avana with avanafil showed the higher efficacy over a placebo at all studies. For general population group, avanafil taken at a dosage of 100mg or 200 mg, had increased the rate of erections achieved from around 15 percent before the treatment to up to 60 percent after the treatment, while placebo-takers got it successful at around 25 percent after the treatment. The assessment scores of Avana got at on average 6 points over the placebo scores.

Are there any risks associated with Avana?

The most frequently occurring adverse effects observed in Avana users include:

  • Face flushing (reddening of the skin);
  • Nasal congestion (stuffy nose);
  • Mild back pain;
  • Mild headache.


A man who is considering taking Avana as a medication to treat erectile dysfunction is advised to visit a medical specialist before using in case of the following:

  • If he has complications associated with the cardiovascular system (such as strokes or irregularity of the heart rhythm);
  • The patients with either high or low blood pressure should also see a specialist before taking Avana. The lower dosages may be recommended;
  • Patients with angina are not recommended to take Avana before all symptoms of angina are gone;
  • Patients with liver or kidney complications or malfunctions need to see a doctor before considering Avana;
  • Patients with non-arthritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy, (the reduced blood supply to the ocular nerve, resulting in the temporary loss of vision);
  • Nitrates are strictly counter-indicative with Avana, as nitrates work essentially the same way PDE5 inhibitors work, and the action may interfere resulting in the reduced efficacy and potential complications.

For the full list of counter indications as well as adverse effects, see the package leaflet or see the list on the back of the package.

Should you have any concerns regarding your medical history, you should see your doctor for recommendations on usage and / or an optimal dosage of Avana.


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